3 Harry Potter fan theories that are actually pretty convincing

1.Voldemort, Harry, And Snape Are The Three Brothers And Dumbledore Is Death

This fan theory states that the three characters are the three brothers from the “Tale of Three Brothers” story in Deathly Hallows and that Dumbledore is Death. The story goes that the brothers meet Death on the road. Death offers them their deepest desires in exchange for their souls. The first wishes for a powerful weapon and is given the Elder Wand. The second asks Death to bring back his wife and receives the Resurrection Stone. The third brother cleverly asks for a way to hide from Death and is given the Cloak of Invisibility. Voldemort dies for power, Severus dies for love, and Harry speaks to his old friend, Dumbledore/Death, in the afterlife.

Rowling loves the Dumbledore theory, tweeting, “Dumbledore as death. It’s a beautiful theory and it fits.”

Further, Dumbledore represents all three brothers. When he was young, he sought power. He lost his sister and might have longed to see her again. And he wasn’t afraid to die, greeting it “like an old friend.”

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2.Crookshanks Used To Belong To Lily Potter

This one comes from Yedu Krishnan who says that when Hermione buys the cat at Magical Menagerie, the owner says they’ve had the cat for “quite some time.” Harry often wondered if their cat survived the attack by Voldemort when he was a baby.

So when Crookshanks recognizes Scabbers/Wormtail and Sirius in their animagus forms, it’s a strong clue that Crookshanks was Harry’s family cat.

Credits: https://www.ranker.com/list/harry-potter-fan-theories/lisa-waugh

3.Harry and Sirius are related by blood.

Within the wizarding world, Harry enjoys a particular sort of social privilege: not only is he The Boy Who Lived, he is also the son of James Potter, of the pure-blood Potter family. Due to his Muggle upbringing, Harry pays little notice to his own blood status, let alone anyone else’s. However, wizarding genealogy indicates that the son of Muggle-born Lily Evans and nephew of decidedly unmagical Petunia may belong to an ancestral chain that goes back generations into pure-blood history. Though Rowling mentions James Potter’s parents only in passing as a wealthy couple who had a child quite late in life, some clever fans have connected the dots and think they might know exactly who Mr. and Mrs. Potter are.

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black exemplifies the most rabid sort of pure-blood family, the kind which kept an elaborate family tree of their exclusively magical lineage dating back to the Middle Ages, and disowned any sons or daughters considered to be “blood traitors.” With their family motto of Toujours pur (“Always/Still pure”), the Blacks took cruel pride in burning off the names of such blood traitors from their family tree, preferring singed holes in the tapestry to acknowledgment of any impurity. Just as the tree links the Black family to the Malfoys, the Weasleys, the Prewetts, and other pure-blood families by marriage, it may also provide a link to Harry Potter himself, by way of Dorea Black’s marriage to Charlus Potter. These two, fans believe, are none other than James Potter’s elderly parents—Harry Potter’s grandparents.

Secondary to this is the possibility that Charlus and Dorea’s unnamed son was James’s father, thereby making Dorea Black Harry’s great-grandmother. Either of these possibilities suggest direct familial relationships between Harry and many of his loved ones: his wife Ginny may be his third cousin; his godfather Sirius his second cousin, twice removed; and Arthur Weasley, Andromeda Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Draco Malfoy various other forms of cousins. The third possibility is that Charlus Potter was a more distant relative of James Potter, leaving Harry as unentangled with the Noble House of Black as before—but without additional canonical information, each option is as likely as the next.

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Friends: 3 Crazy Fan Theories That Might Be True

There are still people trying to replicate Rachel’s style or perfectly implement Chandler’s sarcastic wit into their daily conversations. With the reruns and it’s addition to Netflix, the show has gained an entirely new generation of fans.

Any popular television show is going to spawn thousands of theories from viewers. Fan theories range from the simple, unremarkable details to full-blown conspiracies that make them sound crazy.

Every theory has it’s supporting fans, however, and some aren’t all that unbelievable with all of the evidence strung together. The internet has only made these theories grow in popularity.

Friends theories in particular tend to be extremely popular on websites like Tumblr and Reddit.

While not every fan will agree with a certain theory, it certainly gives the audience something to think about. What are Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Ross, and Rachel really up to while they’re drinking coffee at Central Perk? Is it all as innocent and lighthearted as it seems? Also, what happened to Ben in the later seasons?

Read these 3 Crazy Friends Fan Theories That Might Be True to find out what you might have missed while watching the iconic sitcom.


If one thing is clear about Friends, it’s that Joey loves food. He loves it so much, in fact, that fans have a theory that he faked heartbreak just so Rachel would make him pancakes.

In the episode “The One With Ross’s Library Book”, it is revealed that Joey usually had Chandler get rid of his one night stands by having Chandler make them pancakes and tell them nicely that they need to move on from Joey.

He tries to get Rachel to do the same, but instead Rachel convinces Joey to go for a second date with Erin.

Joey ends up getting his heartbroken by Erin and Rachel consoles him by making him pancakes. After he gets the pancakes, he is remarkably fine.

It’s possible that he faked the entire thing so that he would be made a free meal.


Ross’s son, Ben, was a big part of the character’s storyline. He was played by Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and was seen on the show quite a bit during the first eight seasons.

However, sometime around the birth of Emma, he disappeared from the show, leading some fans to believe that Ross lost custody of his son.

Sure, the storyline shifted, but it doesn’t make sense to just stop mentioning or showing Ross’s son, who is supposedly a major part of his life.

One Reddit user suggested that Carol, his ex-wife, got fed up with all of Ross’s craziness and took away his parenting rights. His personal life went haywire as the show progressed, particularly his anger issues, and he didn’t pay a lot of attention his son to begin with.

Ben is also never seen interacting with Emma, his own sister. It seems weird that they would never be shown together.

Either Ross just forgets about his son or his parenting rights were taken away.


Gunther has always had a borderline-creepy obsession with Rachel on Friends. He was always shown trying to think of a way to ask her out and would get crazy jealous when other men talked to her first.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the theory that he always reserved a table for her were true.

Every time the group went into Central Perk, their same exact spot was left open. In a fairly busy coffee shop in the middle of New York, this seems pretty suspicious.

The likely reason why he reserved it was so that he could keep an eye on Rachel while she was there.

It certainly fits with his stalker-like crush on her. The gang might not even be aware that he reserves it, they just always take the open spot.



Top 3 Fan Theories about Lord of the Rings!


Though it’s not featured in a big way in the films, the books go into a little more detail about the death of Frodo’s parents. Drogo and Primula Baggins drowning during a freak boating accident is tragic, but storywise, it gives Frodo less of a reason to be tied down to the Shire. But one fan theory suggests there’s a darker undercurrent to this story, that Frodo’s parents were in fact murdered. The culprit: Gollum.

We all know that creepazoid is capable of murder. It’s arguably the first thing Smeagol ever did as Gollum.
After the events of the Hobbit, Gollum set about finding the his precious stolen ring. Problem was, Gollum really only had two things to go on when it came to finding the ring: “Baggins” and “Shire.” It’s not out of the question that he might come across the Brandywine River on his quest, and he would certainly kill any Bagginses he found there. The theory is propped up by the questionable circumstances of the deaths.

‘I’ve heard they went on the water after dinner in the moonlight,’ said Old Noakes; ‘and it was Drogo’s weight as sunk the boat.’ ‘And I heard she pushed him in, and he pulled her in after him.’ said Sandyman, the Hobbiton miller. ‘You shouldn’t listen to all you hear, Sandyman.’ said the gaffer, who did not much like the miller. ‘There isn’t no call to go talking of pushing and pulling. Boats are quite tricky enough for those that sit still without looking further for the cause of trouble.’

There seems to be a question among the Hobbits as to just how Frodo’s parents passed. Whatever the case, both Drogo and Primula were pretty experienced boaters, so it’s more than a little surprising that they would just fall in the water and die. No, it makes more sense that an angry Gollum murdered them straight out, giving up on his mission once he found nothing on their person.

The only real damper on this theory is Gandalf, who claims that Gollum never made it to the Brandywine.

“Now we come to it. I think Gollum tried to. He set out and came back westward, as far as the Great River. But then he turned aside. He was not daunted by the distance, I am sure. No, something else drew him away. So my friends think, those that hunted him for me.”

That would seem to put an end to this theory, but put yourself in Gandalf’s old man shoes for a minute. You’re talking to Frodo, the guy who is going to lug the world’s most dangerous weapon across a continent, and he’s pretty fragile as it is. Now imagine if Gandalf decided to tell Frodo that the same guy who guides him through Mordor is the one that deprived him of his parents — he’d undoubtedly lose himself to rage at some point, and as a result succumb to the power of the ring itself. If Gandalf hadn’t pulled off an Obi-Wan-tier lie, our story would be over before it began. To be fair, at least that one ending is preferable to like seventy.

Credits: http://www.dorkly.com/post/75819/lord-of-the-rings-fan-theories


Tom Bombadil is one of the oldest things in Middle Earth, and he’s also one of the most strangely magical. While he was cut out of the films, to the chagrin of many fans, his time in the books suggests a kind figure. After all, Bombadil saves the hobbits from Old Man Willow, and puts them up in his own home. It seems, then, that Bombadil is simply a pacifist, content with doing good works and leaving well enough alone.

One theory suggests that Bombadil’s real identity is actually much more sinister, though; arguing that Bombadil may be the deeply menacing Witch-King of Angmar. The theory points out that Bombadil wears the one ring briefly and is unaffected by it, and he can also see Frodo when he has the ring on. It also points out that the Council of Elrond is unwilling to leave the ring with Bombadil, and that Bombadil may have placed the Barrow Wights where they were, and removed them later to help the hobbits.

Of course, it’s unclear why the identity of Tom Bombadil would be necessary, or even useful for the Witch-King, but that doesn’t make the theory less cool.

Credits: https://screenrant.com/lord-of-the-rings-craziest-fan-theories/


When Radagast the Brown appeared onscreen in the Hobbit films, there were mixed feelings among the fans. Some of them were very happy to see the wizard appear onscreen, but others felt that, since Radagast doesn’t really have any page time in the books beyond a few casual mentions, there was no way the character could be done accurately. Other people felt that it was okay to still portray him, and even give him some scenes, but that the character himself as directed by Peter Jackson was utterly ridiculous. Of course, some fans have gone further and theorized that the small mentions of him in the book hint at a much larger role than people realize. Despite being barely mentioned, Radagast is in the same class of being as Saruman and Gandalf, but is known for his ability to transform himself, blend in with trees, talk to animals, and otherwise commune with nature.

The writer of the theory notes that Gandalf makes a point of mentioning that Radagast has the ability to use animals as spies to find out what is happening over much of Middle-earth, and as such wonders if it was Radagast who helped Gandalf summon the eagles on so many important occasions. Furthermore, while Radagast was not known for leaving his usual forest home near Mirkwood, the writer points out that, in The Two Towers, Aragorn and his company are near Fangorn and think they see a wizard lurking nearby.

The others think it is Saruman, but Aragorn denies this because the man had a hat instead of a hood and when they ask Gandalf later he denies that it was him. The other possibility is, of course, that the hat-wearing wizard was Radagast keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Credits: https://listverse.com/2015/01/19/10-wild-fan-theories-about-the-lord-of-the-rings/

Spells We Wish Were Real

How I wish the magical world of Harry Potter actually existed! The castle, the scarlet Hogwarts Express, every flavour beans, wands…..EVERYTHING! 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t (or does it?).

Same here, Jacob. Same here... | I wish I was a wizard | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Jacob Kowalski | JK Rowling

But what if the spells were useful to us muggles? What would we use it for? Because let’s be honest, the muggle struggle is real. 

Here is the list of my top 7 (of course) spells that would have been super convenient for us!

  1. Accio

This spell was literally made for lazy bugs. No seriously. Remember when Fred and George used it to get their broomsticks and defy Dolores Umbridge? That was dramatic. And it was a mouth opening exit. We, on the other end, would probably end up using it for mundane and dull stuff. Like if we forgot our phones in the other room “Accio Phone!”

  1. Reparo

Such a useful spell to repair just about anything! Cracked phone screens? No problem! Broken Mug? Broken Watch? No Problem! Sadly, it won’t be able to repair your broken heart after watching Fred die. Why J.K Rowling? Why?!

  1. Muffliato

No need to whisper. Now you and your friends can speak your naughty minds out without worrying about others.

  1. Obliviate

Gilderoy Lockhart’s favourite spell, I think this spell would genuinely have many uses. It is sort of evil and funny at the same time. Want someone to forget an embarrassing memory of you? OBLIVIATE! Just had a bad interview? OBLIVIATE!

  1. Aguamenti

Always stay hydrated and clean with this spell. Super useful healthwise and of course to put out fires. This spell will make sure you never run out of water and keeps your body cells happy.

  1. Scourgify

Spilled a drink on your clothes? Scourgify! A very handy spell. Useful in kitchen and to save you from embarrassment on a very important day. Now you also don’t have to worry about guests after a house party. Just Scourgify the dishes. How convenient!

  1. Expecto Patronum

The. Best. Spell. Ever. Amazing spell to keep sadness at bay. You have no choice but to think of beautiful, happy memories. Kinda makes you feel grateful, doesn’t it? Would help us in dark times when a cloud of negative thoughts, like Dementors, weigh us down. What do you think would your patronus be? Mine would probably be a dog.


So what other spells do you think would be fun and useful?


Comment your answers below!