Spells We Wish Were Real

How I wish the magical world of Harry Potter actually existed! The castle, the scarlet Hogwarts Express, every flavour beans, wands…..EVERYTHING! 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t (or does it?).

Same here, Jacob. Same here... | I wish I was a wizard | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Jacob Kowalski | JK Rowling

But what if the spells were useful to us muggles? What would we use it for? Because let’s be honest, the muggle struggle is real. 

Here is the list of my top 7 (of course) spells that would have been super convenient for us!

  1. Accio

This spell was literally made for lazy bugs. No seriously. Remember when Fred and George used it to get their broomsticks and defy Dolores Umbridge? That was dramatic. And it was a mouth opening exit. We, on the other end, would probably end up using it for mundane and dull stuff. Like if we forgot our phones in the other room “Accio Phone!”

  1. Reparo

Such a useful spell to repair just about anything! Cracked phone screens? No problem! Broken Mug? Broken Watch? No Problem! Sadly, it won’t be able to repair your broken heart after watching Fred die. Why J.K Rowling? Why?!

  1. Muffliato

No need to whisper. Now you and your friends can speak your naughty minds out without worrying about others.

  1. Obliviate

Gilderoy Lockhart’s favourite spell, I think this spell would genuinely have many uses. It is sort of evil and funny at the same time. Want someone to forget an embarrassing memory of you? OBLIVIATE! Just had a bad interview? OBLIVIATE!

  1. Aguamenti

Always stay hydrated and clean with this spell. Super useful healthwise and of course to put out fires. This spell will make sure you never run out of water and keeps your body cells happy.

  1. Scourgify

Spilled a drink on your clothes? Scourgify! A very handy spell. Useful in kitchen and to save you from embarrassment on a very important day. Now you also don’t have to worry about guests after a house party. Just Scourgify the dishes. How convenient!

  1. Expecto Patronum

The. Best. Spell. Ever. Amazing spell to keep sadness at bay. You have no choice but to think of beautiful, happy memories. Kinda makes you feel grateful, doesn’t it? Would help us in dark times when a cloud of negative thoughts, like Dementors, weigh us down. What do you think would your patronus be? Mine would probably be a dog.


So what other spells do you think would be fun and useful?


Comment your answers below!